Christopher Bonney
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I am a marketing researcher and photographer. These disciplines complement each other well in that both call for curiosity, patience, the ability to observe and listen and a need for concise interpretative skills. Just as my analytical approach to research has become more holistic over the years, so has my photography evolved from being purely pictorial to being more conceptual. (But there are times I still love wallowing in rich, mindless colors.)

The diversity of my photographic subjects is a reflection of the times in which I grew up. I was educated to be a Renaissance man, a happy generalist with a comfortable knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, languages and concepts. My professional life as a researcher working in the world of advertising and marketing communications exposes me to a wide variety of people, perspectives and circumstances, and requires intellectual honesty, respect for diversity and clarity. From my work and friendship with writers, artists, musicians and scientists, I have learned a lot about the nurturing of creativity and ideas.

My work has appeared in a variety of places, including consumer magazines, books, private collections, web sites and consumer advertising.

All of the photographs at this site are available for licensing or purchase as prints.

More of my photographs can be seen at

I tell stories based on my photographs here:


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